Somebody thinks he’s ‘god’

Ooookay. Well, the Prime Minister of Turkey apparently is taking on a new title – god. This is an important development considering the last islamic caliphate, known as the Ottoman Empire, had its home base in Turkey. That empire suffered a ‘wound to the head’ and was decisively beaten back thanks to the Crusades. Yes, you read that correctly. Waiting for a world leader to suffer a head wound and live is not what those who TRULY study Scripture believe will happen. The system of islam suffered the head wound but is now forcefully reviving. They are also the ‘religion’ which has no respect for women (as is described in Scripture).


Walid Shoebat has an interesting but wordy post on the subject of the Turkish Prime Minister’s aspirations.

I’m not going to delve into this too deeply right now because it’s very late and I had a password issue with this new site. It wasn’t pretty…ugh.

Anyway, this Prime Minster is positioning himself as leader of the brand spank’in new islamic caliphate in the Middle East whose eventual goal is to control the entire world via  submission to islam. They might have a little help from Western leaders in accomplishing this goal. Why? Oil money…power….blackmail….the list is no doubt lengthy.

So, Scripture mentions something about a figure who will declare himself as god and actually seat himself in a ‘temple.’ Many have assumed this meant a rebuilt Jewish Temple. But wait…there is also a ‘temple’ in Turkey called the Hagia Sophia.


For more interesting reading on this AMAZING and historic Church click the link. It’s truly amazing stuff.

I recently saw a documentary on this centuries-old Church. It is MASSIVE. You could actually put the Statue of Liberty under the dome.

Will Erdogan enter the Church (which the muslims have converted to a museum) and declare himself to be god?

Stay tuned….


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