So whose ‘blood moon’ tetrad is it anyway?

Most Christian commentators have opined about the blood moons being some sort of signal to Israel. This is a dubious conclusion considering the fact that most of the last three lunar eclipses were not even visible in the Mideast. Additionally, the recent solar eclipse over the Faroe Islands involved Christian symbols – a cross and a lamb – the flag and the Coat of Arms of those islands.

With all this in mind, I remade the recent eclipse visibility map by combining all 4 ‘blood moon’ graphics (one on top of the other) while adding various levels of transparency to each layer. This produced a composite map showing the area of the globe which actually experienced the highest ‘blood moon’ visibility.

Tetrad combo merged

 Sorry about the blur…that’s due to combining the four graphics with differing transparencies. 

So as you can see, the lightest area is over the U.S., indicating the region where the tetrad has highest visibility.  Alternatively, the darker areas denote limited or no visibility for each of the 4 eclipses combined. Obviously, the area where the blood moon tetrad is MOST prominent is over the United States.

Perhaps the U.S. is the actual nation being given the sign…


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