U.S. nuke deal with Iran announced on same date Persian king endorsed Haman’s plan to kill the Jews…

 On Thursday, April 2, 2015, the framework for the Iran nuke deal was publicly announced. Do you know what date that corresponds to on the Jewish calendar? Read the second entry on the page below…


Was this deliberate intimidation? You decide.

Will God allow the jihadists to destroy Israel? Um, no.

Will Queen Esther rise again in defense of her people?

Well, my bet is on Our Lady of Fatima who appeared in Portugal on the 13th of each month in the year of the Balfour Declaration –1917. She also happened to be wearing the Star of Esther. Coincidence? You decide. I’m sure it will all be crystal clear soon. We are coming up on the 100th anniversary of that Church-approved apparition.

In 2017 the United States will also experience a total solar eclipse which will diagonally slice across the nation. Totality will begin in an area called ‘Salem’ which is short for ‘Jerusalem.’

Read more here…and be sure to refresh any downloads of this frequently updated ebook!


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