Unbelievable! Obama Administration Threatens to Veto Measure Requiring Pastor Saeed’s Freedom

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!


I have refrained from commenting much about Obama’s promise to Pastor Saeed’s children and wife concerning his release.  He promised them in a recent visit to Idaho that he would do all he could to secure Pastor Saeed’s release.   I have held my breath, cried and remained hopeful that Obama would hold true to his word.  Pastor Saeed, a reporter, a marine & former FBI agent  are being held in an Iranian prison.

americans in iran

Enduring torture and abuses we can’t even imagine.  While the leaders of both countries wine and dine each other, promises of a 5 Billion dollar signing bonus and all without even so much as a mention of a pre-condition of the release of our prisoners.  Pastor Saeed is in prison because of his faith in Christ, the marine and reporter are held on espionage charges.  In fact the reporter was just charged with spying.  And now…

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