The countdown begins….2015 – 2017 (Update on American eclipse)

As I’ve noted before on this blog – the four blood moons are primarily visible in the United States. When the NASA maps are combined into one composite graphic, this becomes glaringly apparent.

The lighter area shows the region where the blood moons are at their highest visibility –

Tetrad combo merged

As you can plainly see, that area encompasses the United States.

Pope Francis will say Mass in the United States a few hours before the FINAL blood moon –

This time period also follows the end of the Shemitah –

700 days later, on August 21, 2017, the United States will be diagonally slashed by a TOTAL solar eclipse –


It is quite obvious….life in the U.S. is about to change. IMHO, while taking into consideration the above info, September 2015 will likely begin an extreme intensification.

God willing, this period of penance (my guess) will bring our country to a deep repentance. If not….I don’t want to even entertain that possibility.

Pray for us.

** As always, if you’d like to read more about Biblical and prophetic astronomy, read my e-book – “Signs in the Heavens – Distress of Nations”



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