Ireland…turning its back on Christianity and the inevitable consequences.

Isn’t it interesting how liberals and like-minded organizations who poured money into Ireland in an attempt to assure a ‘yes’ vote on ‘gay marriage’ are the EXACT same people who cozy up to islamists? And, of course, islamists never miss an opportunity to throw a homosexual off a building or mercilously execute them. Moral of story – ‘tolerant liberal’ leaders of this ilk are essentially fascists who will consume anyone who stands in the path of their quest for power and control. In the end, no group will be immune. Also interesting is the fact that both groups – liberals and islamists – are at war with orthodox Christianity.

If the West turns its back on Christianity, the religious vacuum WILL BE FILLED. Simply put – reject CHRIST and the destroyer arrives…and his name is satan. God is a gentleman which means He won’t go where He is not wanted. If our ‘laws’ continue to reject Judeo – Christian values as defined by the God of order and nature, we simply cannot continue to expect His blessings or protection. This isn’t intolerance…it’s just a spiritual reality check, and thousands of years of recorded Scriptural history proves it true.

In the West, these are the days of small crosses which call us to defend Christianity in the face of those who seek to destroy it. In the Middle East it is a time of tribulation. The descendants of early Christianity are literally being slaughtered while the archeological witness to that same faith is systematically destroyed.

As far as the ‘small crosses’ being presented to those of us in the West, I can only recall this saying – ‘If you refuse to take up the small crosses, larger ones will come.’

As Christian countries deny the morals linked to the faith, they have in effect rejected Christianity and turned the country away from God. And since God holds all things together, life will no doubt become extremely turbulent.

GODSPEED  to all who have mourned. We will be eternally rewarded for faithfully persevering.

Here’s some nice biased reporting from Sky News. Apparently if one DARES to point out the ancient Scriptural link between abandonment of natural, moral laws as defined by God and ensuing disasters, they will be ‘purged’ from societal institutions. Um…why? Where’s the tolerance, liberals? Why the frightful panic?  Hmmm? There is no need to fear us. Are you afraid to hear the inspired word of God, or His prophets? 


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