Pacific quake watch….

While our illustrious, unbiased, non-agenda-driven media is blaming this beaching on climate issues, it’s important to note that many mass beachings of sea creatures precede major earthquakes.

Here’s the money quote from a news story on the incident –

‘We don’t normally see these animals because they live on the bottom of the continental shelf,” said marine biologist Mike Schaadt.

Here’s a screenshot of earthquake activity as of 6/18/2015 –


As you can plainly see, the entire plate off the coast of Asia is rattling. Knowing this, it’s not hard to understand why the crustaceans are hauling tail off the continental plate.

I would also like to note the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Venus (the ‘king planet’ and ‘mother planet). There was also a conjunction of those same planets immediately after celestial activity surrounding the star Regulus (royalty) in the lion constellation, in 2BC. This conspicuous, astronomical event no doubt triggered the pilgrimage of the Magi to Bethlehem at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth.

The window for the conjunction is from 6/29/2015 until 7/1/2015 and should be a spectacular event.

Have you been watching those planets nearing each other in the western sky each night? Here’s what the conjunction will look like at its peak over the western horizon –


I’ll post more on this in the future. Meanwhile, keep an eye to the sky. It’s pretty amazing up there right now!


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