Did the ‘president’ prophesy?

Here’s the money quote from Barry’s celebratory speech about homosexual ‘marriage’ in the White House rose garden –

“And then sometimes there are days like this, when that slow steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt.”


Alrhough there is no such thing as a ‘thunder bolt,’ there is assuredly  such a thing as a lighting bolt. The characteristic of such an event is its immediate, unexpected, out of nowhere, swift action.

It’s all about God’s protection, folks. Chase God out and you are at the mercy of a fallen, imperfect world. Suffering becomes all too familiar when the destroyer – satan – is given a foothold. Misery comes calling, which is why it is imperative to stay near God and never take the path of pride – a state that precedes an inevitable fall.

As you know, Ireland just approved ‘gay marriage.’ Days after that prideful rejection of God, several Irish students were tragically killed in a balcony collapse here in the United States. Yesterday, there was also a terror attack in Tunisia which took the lives of more Irish nationals. These were high profile, international events which involved Ireland, and that is VERY unusual. So, ever since the ‘gay marriage’ approval, Ireland has suffered…and suffered.

As I listened to the ‘president’ describe the Supreme Court ruling as ‘justice that arrives like a thunderbolt‘ I couldn’t help but wonder if it was indeed an unintentional prophecy on his part. If it was, we are probably looking at a sudden event in the future. Perhaps it was a warning, although unintentional, from above.

Suffice to say, I wouldn’t expect daisies and daffodils from here on out, and I suspect a spiritual correction will not tarry….


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