The Jupiter-Venus conjunction is coming with more possibly on the horizon…

OK. So here’s the lowdown for this week –

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is on Tuesday. If your area is cloudy, be sure to check it out Wednesday. In the U.S., both planets will set at about 10:30EDT so be sure to get out there and see ‘the Christmas star!’

BTW – planets don’t twinkle only stars do…

Again, here’s the July 1st view –




As was pointed out on a recent radio show, Venus and Jupiter do align occasionally, however, this conjunction will occur in the lion constellation, as was the case when Christ was born. According to a guest on the show, the ‘Christmas star’ was primarily visible (of course) in the Middle East and surrounding regions. The Tuesday-Wednesday event will feature the ‘Christmas star’ in the West. Hmmm… 🙂

In addition to that interesting tidbit, the 1st reading at all Catholic Masses during Tuesday’s conjunction will be about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.    ** Thanks to Tony for pointing this out after seeing it on Daniel O’Connor’s blog.

We have also been warned by Homeland Security about ISIS’ recent demand for terror attacks against the United States. The alarm has specifically been raised for July 4th.

Much is happening, folks…keep the world, and those who are far from God in your prayers. 


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