I’ve never seen the moon do this before….

So tonight, while sitting in my car eating an ice cream cone, I looked up at the sky and saw a red object. At first, I had no idea what it was, but then assumed it must be the moon. It was blood red and shaped sort of like a potato, or an old fashioned milk bottle. The moon was supposed to be in a crecent phase but held this odd shape Before entirely disappearing. I’ve seen the moon clipped by clouds before, but it usually returns to its normal, identifiable shape at various intervals. This time it did not. It kept the strange shape for the entire time I viewed it (about 3 minutes) before almost dissolving away.

As I watched, I thought, what does this look like with such symmetrically rounded edges on both the top and the bottom? Honestly? It looked like a large red asteroid hovering in the dark sky.

I did take a few pics (did I ever mention how much I hate digital photography?) but it doesn’t do the event justice.
Anyway, here are the camera shots I took, and a graphic denoting the position of the moon (thanks to the ‘Starwalk’ app). Note well – the moon was over Spica (wheat) which can be linked to ‘Christians.’


*object to the right is a flagpole


* closeup…as you can see it was very vertical (not at all curved as a crecent phase should be) and rounded at both the top and bottom.


Take from this what you will…


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