Shemitah showtime: Russia sets up base in Damascus to fight ISIS and defend Assad….

Time for a repost of this….


Almost 100 years after Our Lady of Fatima urged the consecration and conversion of Russia…

Sure, Russia has its sins, but isn’t this the right thing to do under the current horrendous circumstances? Overthrowing Assad will only clear a path for further Islamist domination of the Middle East while decisively expanding territory conquered in the name of establishing a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Here’s the report.

And how about those signs in the sky?
5 days before the final blood moon, the heavens are saying ‘war.’
Check out mars, the planet long associated with war, hovering over Regulus, the king planet –


This is potent looking stuff, folks. It’s almost like the blood moons, which were predominantly visible over the U.S., served as a drumroll of sorts leading up to some VERY significant heavenly signs.

For more info on ‘signs in the heavens’ –


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