Syrian Archbishop exposes the U.S. – islamic terror link…

As I suspected…we are supporting terrorists – the freaking murderers of Christians in the Middle East.

(Syrian) Archbishop Hindo continued: “Western propaganda keeps talking about moderate rebels, who do not exist. There is something very disturbing about all this – there is a superpower that since September 11 protests because the Russians hit the militias of al-Qaeda in Syria.“What does it mean, (that) al-Qaeda is now a US ally, just because in Syria it has a different name? But do they really despise our intelligence and our memory?”

Apparently, yes, Archbishop Hindo. The United States government must think you are as stupid as most Americans are…

IMHO, this is yet another confirmation of the administration’s worldwide war on Christianity. So far, it’s a bloodless war in the United States, only conducted by the media who are undeniably hostile to Christianity while taking their cues from a godless White House.

And do you think we’ll get through this hell without the shedding of Christian blood in the United States? Will only the ancient Christians of the Middle East be slaughtered in this war on religion? Um…I doubt it.

On the coming 100-year anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s plea for the ‘conversion of Russia:’

Most people believe that 2017 will mark 100 years since the Fatima Apparition in Portugal. However, the actual 100 year anniversary of the Fatima apparition will begin in 2016. The angel first appeared in Portugal during the spring of that year. So I wonder, will the conversion of Russia which was implored by the Blessed Mother be even more evident as we enter 2016? We shall soon see…

What seems necessary right now, IMHO, is the conversion of the United States and Europe. Currently, Russia is doing exactly what it should be doing – bombing the snot out of the islamists.

One more time (CIA director John Brennan) –


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