Why Gog and Magog are Turkey and islamic nations…not Russia

Walid Shoebat once and for all puts the idea that Russia is ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’ to rest. With that enlightening concept in mind, I again warn Christians not to fall into the ‘Russia is bad, everyone else is good’ trap. This is dangerous and literally aligns you with the nations of antichrist.

After the shootdown of a Russian warplane and outright murder of Russian pilots by the ‘wonderful’ western-supported ‘rebels’ while they shouted praise to ‘allah,’ the danger lies in the NATO coalition. Turkey (home of the last islamic caliphate and wannabe leader of the new caliphate) is part of NATO. An attack on one NATO allied nation is considered an attack on all which may lead to a NATO coalition war against Russia. This means all of NATO will begin defending and fighting on the side of the rising islamic caliphate (antichrist system).

It is pretty dangerous to be in a ‘Cold War’ state of mind right now. Such old alliances are in the past while the current islamic caliphate is rising NOW. If NATO allied nations go to war WITH TURKEY against Russia it will mean that the U.S. and other off the rail western nations are literally fighting on the side against Christendom – the side that has murdered Christians in the Mideast using savagery unparalleled in modern times.

This is end-time battle stuff, folks. There will be no peace treaty…only Divine intervention.


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