Update on the Las Vegas attack…

Police are ‘uncomfortable’ about revealing the motive…

Have you ever heard of such a thing???


This smells to high heaven, folks. It really does.

Terrorists called for attacks in Las Vegas (casinos, and gatherings of large groups) some time ago. Plus, we’re seeing more women suddenly becoming main players in terror attacks.

I can also report that there seems to be a problem with search engines on this one. Call me paranoid if you will, but I believe the Internet has been scrubbed regarding this incident and certain possible search terms. I entered the exact search terms for my article and can’t even find it, even after throwing in part of the title of my blog…and that is very weird.

All that said, do you think officials in Vegas want people to fear terror attacks in their highly traveled tourist destination? If Barry and his cohorts wanted this played down or covered up because the motive was terrorism, do you think the City of Las Vegas would go along?

I do.


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