Turkey, the ‘god of the underworld,’ and the head wound…

So, as we recently saw the leader of Turkey (home of the last Islamic caliphate) enter the kabbah in Mecca, it should surely set off alarm bells. When one considers the extremely plausible Biblical theory that the mortal ‘head wound’ suffered by the ‘antichrist’ was originally inflicted during the Christian Crusades, it becomes clear that the wound has now been healed with the rise of militant Islam in our world. Of course, this theory is based on interpretation, but correlates exactly with the description of ‘antichrist’ in the Book of Apocalypse (Revelation). The denial of Jesus being the Son of God, the systematic disrespect of women, the identification of antichrist with the God of forces or ‘Maozim’ (Douay Rheims translation), and other descriptive elements clearly bulster this theory.

As I mentioned some time ago, during the rise of ISIS, the planet Pluto – named after the ‘god of the underworld’ – took up a position next to the star ‘Albaldah’ in the archer constellation. This star has been linked with the city Mecca which is home to the kabbah – a primary ‘holy place’ in islam where a stone is worshiped by muslims.

On the day the leader of Turkey entered the kabbah, the sun marked the area in the heavens next to the star Albaldah (historically linked to Mecca). As if in cue, the largest light in the heavens entered this possibly prophetic alignment in the sky as if to accent the message even further –


Is God indicating a ‘time and season’ as He promised in the Book of Genesis during the story of Creation?

But what about the mark of the beast? If all these ‘signs in the heavens’ are pointing towards a head wound being healed, and linking such an event to islam, there must be the looming fulfillment of that prophecy also.

Here’s a great video on the subject –

Finally, every Christian should understand the exact interpretation of the cry ‘allahu akbar.’ It does not mean ‘God is great’ but rather ‘allah is greater,’ which should immediately bring to mind this Scripture –

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High. But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.

Isaiah 14:12-15


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