13 days into 2016…shofar-like sounds throughout the world

Aside from the fact that these unidentified noises sound like Jewish shofars, it should be noted that they took place on January 13th and were heard across the globe. The 13th should bring to mind Our Lady of Fatima (multiple 13th of the month apparitions) and Queen Esther (13th of the month Persian threat against the Jews in the Book of Esther).

I’ve noted before that many believe the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparition is in 2017. This is mistaken. An angel appeared first in Portugal in the spring of 1916 which means this year marks the 100th anniversary. Interestingly, later in the video you will see images of a angel-shaped cloud that was photographed over several areas of the U.S.

In the Church-approved apparition, Mary appeared in the year of the Balfour Declaration – 1917 – when Britain officially endorsed a Jewish homeland. This was after the British drove the Ottoman Turks out of southern Syria.

Hmmmm…lots to chew on there! Former caliphates, Turks, Syria, Iran (‘Persia’) and an angel that appeared at the very beginning of this year over many parts of the U.S. on the 16th (the 100th year after the angel first appeared in Fatima in 1916).

I wish I could say that my country is working on the side of Israel and Christianity by opposing the rise of Islamists in the Middle East but I can’t. If any country could now be considered as decisively countering ISIS it would be Russia. Could we be witnessing the fruits of Our Lady’s wish that Russia be specially consecrated? Many claim the consecration was not done as requested. However, Sister Lucia claimed that the ‘late’ consecration of the world, with special mention of Russia, was ‘accepted by heaven.’ That said, God is obviously aware of EVERYTHING, and I think these ‘sounds and signs’ indicate we’ll see His hand soon enter the situation in a mighty way.


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