Torah code – 2016, March 26th, Messiah, Purim, and Nibiru???

This is a very interesting video regarding some heavenly signs and their prophetic potential.

There is also a huge buzz about 2 comets due to come pretty close to earth on 3/21 and 3/22. One will actually appear to slice through the tail of the scorpion constellation on Good Friday.

i would suggest not to discount much of the info contained in this video simply because you hear the words ‘Kaballah’ and ‘gematria.’ Although both are mentioned in the video, the substance of the analysis has nothing to do with either. That said, I believe both terms have been corrupted by our modern culture in the same way Genesis’ signs in the heavens have been co-opted by the new age astrology movement.

The important part of the video begins at 4:00  –



Another Catholic blogger has written very extensively on the window of time we’re entering. With that post in mind, the video and corresponding time-frame definitely caught my attention.

Have a blessed Holy Week!


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