On the Ted Cruz lovefest that just doesn’t seem to end…..

Some ‘Christians’ are REALLY angry right now. Disappointment is OK, but anger is demonic, folks. 

So, the Cruz followers said he would ‘protect the Constitution’ and religious freedom because that is what he claimed…over and over and over again.

Well folks, I have news for you. The only person responsible for protecting your Constitutional rights is you.

I know that’s a scary prospect for some people who might be too lazy or intimidated to even entertain that fact, but it’s true. The concept is entirely freeing though! The minute you accept that your rights come from God (as confirmed in our founding documents), and no one can take them away from you, all fear and political trepidation will pass away.

While many Christians are absolutely apoplectic as to why other Christians and a large portion of Evangelicals support Donald Trump, they’ve become dupes for the lawyers and politicians who are driving this country into the ground. Many of these ‘Christians’ quote 20 or 30 year old statements made by Donald Trump and condemn, yes, condemn him.

Um….didn’t Jesus Christ warn against condemning people?

Are you the same as you were 30 years ago? If you are, I honestly feel bad for you. Because to grow is to change.

And why doubt this man’s apparent conversion to the right? Don’t Christians pray for people to be converted? And if they appear to change, are we to condemn them and accuse them of being frauds? Remember the accuser is – satan himself.

That said, facts are another matter. The video below should start at about :52 and lays out this absolute truth – Ted Cruz is not an ‘outsider.’ He is deeply connected to the Bush family. While I used to defend them, it’s now quite apparent that they are part of an establishment cabal that wants nothing to do with outsiders.

Secret societies on steroids, people…

Currently, we have a ‘ruling class’ in America, and THAT is unconstitutional.


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