Signs in the heavens time…

Reiterating for newbies – This is not astrology. The genesis of this can be found in the Book of Genesis.

OK. So Mercury is transiting the sun today. The actual transit will take place in ‘the bull’ constellation. In Hebrew the word for ox or ‘bull’ is ‘shur’ which means ‘to come back.’

And as you can see in the above featured ‘Starwalk’ graphic, the event perfectly underlines the lamb – directly linked to Christ Himself. Conjointly, the constellations associated with this event – ‘the lamb’ (Jesus Christ) and ‘bull’ (come back) should definitely draw your interest!

Additionally, the ‘mother planet’ – Venus – is center stage.
* Pretty cool since the Month of May in Catholicism is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Mother.

A YouTuber did an interesting video on the transit and pointed out some pretty amazing elements in the upcoming celestial activity.


And Jesus did mention something about looking up…didn’t He?




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