The curse of ‘Mexico’

It was startling to see the first videos of the Gulf Oil Spill. The footage actually looked like the ocean had blood on it.

Prior to this, my impression of the new ‘president’ of the United States was very pharaoh-esque, so the images immediately brought to mind a ‘plague’ similar to the water turning to blood during the various ‘plagues of Egypt.’

One of his first presidential acts was to rescind the Mexico City Policy, which meant money collected from American taxpayers would be used to fund abortions throughout the world. So, when this ‘plague’ took place in the Gulf of Mexico, I couldn’t help but see it as a chastisement of sorts. How could the ‘blood’ and Gulf of ‘Mexico’ imagery be interpreted any other way?

Since then, there have been numerous instances where Mexico has been a thorn in the side of the United States. Perhaps the most high-profile case of this is the continual stream, via Mexico, of illegal aliens who are invading the country. Let’s be clear – I am not referring to LEGAL immigrants (who are actually having a very difficult time trying to enter the U.S. lawfully). I’m talking about the drug cartels, the terrorists, and the ‘OTMs’ (other than Mexicans) from Middle Eastern countries historically hostile to Christians and Jews.

A secular news report on the net back in 2009 reported that HAMAS and Hezbollah had set up training camps in Northern Mexico. Here’s one such story dated a year after a local news affiliate reported the threat. That was 7 years ago. Now, with the unrestrained, blind immigration coming into the U.S. from that very area, we can surmise that such nefarious groups have set up terror cells in the United States. This is simply beyond reasonable doubt. And it’s completely mind-numbing to think that the current occupant of the Oval Office has made this possible, if not demanded it.

So…if 19 terrorists can bring the United States to its knees on 9.11.2001, what do you suppose thousands of like-minded individuals are capable of?




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