There is something very seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton…

Here’s Hillary on September 19th in Philadelphia. Watch her left eye –

I want to be clear on this – I do not wish anything ill on this woman. My only hope is that she’d repent of her pro-abortion agenda.

Although I am not a medical doctor, knowing her symptoms, and due to the fact that I’ve seen something similar in a dear relative, my guess is that she has a brain tumor. That diagnosis would also explain Chelsea Clinton’s expression as she left the hospital several years ago when her mother had the ‘blood clot.’

When I first saw the aforementioned footage, I thought something must be REALLY wrong with Hillary after seeing the distressed look on Chelsea’s face, and due to the fact that she appeared to be crying. I searched to find the video but it’s like the event never took place. It’s almost like the net has been scrubbed. I did, however, find a VERY copyrighted pic in the following news story, which you’ll notice doesn’t jive with the clot story we’ve been fed in the recent months –

I tried to cue this up for you, but if it doesn’t you may have to scroll forward to 1:07:11 to see the left eye problem again. She really can’t control it and actually seems to be trying to hide it –


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