A prophetic warning to ‘prepare’

Of all the ‘prophetic words’ I’ve come across, the source I’m going to reference has proven the most accurate.

I don’t want to cause undo alarm, but not posting this warning could end up being a great omission on my part. If a legitimate warning is to prepare, it must be shared.

The link to the full prophetic word is under the pull-quote.

You know that soon, very soon the star that is the sun will attack the whole Earth and man’s technology will be reduced to ashes. This will be chaos for man, since you depend completely on technology. You must investigate how to survive without this technology that has made you easy prey for satan, because it has clouded your thinking, has hardened your hearts to the point that some are zombies, wandering around fully controlled by all the negative effects of science and a misused technology.

For those unfamiliar with solar threats to technology,  a devastating event is absolutely possible if the sun emits a strong solar flare directed at the earth.

You can find the full message here.

Recent findings of a ‘cracked’ magnetic shield around the earth.


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