Why Is The West Silent On Rights Violations Committed By The UNHCR

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!


As I read an article from Pakistan Christian Post this morning it hit me, and hit me hard.  The article was describing the blatant discrimination and persecution of Christians from Pakistan seeking asylum in Thailand.  It has been proven and seen the UNHCR’s blatant discrimination against them.  In addition to hiring muslim interpreters during their interviews who give false interpretations to the interviewer, they hide their faces while Christians there are arrested and placed in detention while paying the fines and helping the Ahmadiyya population there avoid detention.  They give preference to them for refugee status, and have openly said that Christians do not face persecution in Pakistan.  Really?  Christians are burned alive, raped, drug through streets naked, their communities and churches are attacked and there is still a Christian woman in Pakistan awaiting death for blasphemy.  Only for taking a drink from a muslim well.  The Ahmadiyya’s are also…

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