Storm named ‘Lucifer’ crushes SoCal…

Some amazing footage here…

Also interesting to note here is the fact that Ireland Baldwin suffered a good deal of property damage during this storm. She is the daughter of Alec Baldwin, one of the most high-profile, rabidly anti-Trump people in the ‘entertainment’ industry.

I truly believe God’s hand is on this new president. Everyone who has viciously and unfairly opposed him never fails to run into trouble soon after the fact. Honestly, to be in disagreement with the man is one thing, but this vitriolic hatred – particularly the relentless deluge courtesy of the so-called ‘entertainment’ industry – is patently unfair and bordering on seditious, IMHO.

It seems that everything they unjustly accuse Trump and his appointees of being guilty of were actual crimes perpetrated by the BHO administration. 

It’s no surprise that a devastating storm named after the father of lies has come calling.


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