Eclipses of 1776 and 2017…a sign of the end of liberty, and the Republic?

Well, this eerie fact was quite under-reported –

“The rare celestial spectacle on Aug. 21 has a trajectory exclusive to the U.S. for the first time since the nation’s birth in 1776.”

Now consider the current villainization of many of the Founders of the United States. With that front and center, this is an ominous event, folks. Dissing those who risked their very lives to build our ‘land of the free’ will only bring totalitarianism to our country in the future.

Some very misguided people, if not possessed in some cases, are literally demanding the removal of anything they supposedly deem offensive. These are agitators who actually seek to overthrow this nation. When a society is riddled with immorality, porn, intolerance, hatred of purity and an inversion of of good and evil, it isn’t a stretch to believe some people are literally possessed, or infested with demonic entities. In a country founded on Christian principles and dedicated to God, the fury is now palpable.

And it will not end with statues. Speech will be next. Just look at how the media lynches those who refuse tow the line – like President Trump – a man who only dares tell the truth in given situations.

This trajectory is demonic, folks, courtesy of the ‘father of lies.’ BHO brought great dishonor, immorality and suffering to the West, and it’s glaringly obvious that he is not done yet. As long as people like George Soros (a man who REALLY was in league with NAZI’s, as he himself proudly stated during an interview several years ago) are funding the ‘resist’ movement, the Constitution and our liberties are in grave danger unless there is an ideological push-back from courageous Americans. 

Rapture theory aside, this is a great article – The Divine Message of the August eclipse

To throw some Catholic info to that – the eclipse started at 7:16AM ET. Interestingly, on this 100th anniversary year of the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ in Fatima, 7/16 is the feastday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a title that the Blessed Mother appeared under during the beginning of the miracle.

The above pic for this article was taken in Oregon, where the eclipse began. This next pic is a photo of the sun miracle in 1917 –




3 thoughts on “Eclipses of 1776 and 2017…a sign of the end of liberty, and the Republic?

  1. As you again exceeded WordPress’s limit on tags and categories, few people saw the above post.

    Did you ever consider which group of people are behind so much of this moral and social anarchy?


  2. Well, Larry…you saw the post so maybe my work is done.

    Who is behind the seditious activity in our country? Well, let’s see…
    Communists (socialists)
    Race baiting pimps in our society.
    BHO’s deep state and islamists.
    Mentally challenged victims of the mainstream media propagandists.
    Intellectually lazy people.
    The left, in general.
    People who have given themselves over to evil thereby, in some cases, opening themselves up to demonic possession.
    The swamp. (#DrainTheSwamp)
    Cowards who are afraid of other people.
    People paid to undermine the U.S. by George Soros sponsored, liberal organizations who are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

    I could go on, but I think that covers most of the America haters.


    1. The answer to my above query is the Jews. Every group you list in your reply is encouraged (or provoked) by Jews. They run this nation and control the direction the culture is going.

      btw, I only saw your post because I follow your blog and received an email.


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