The soundtrack of hell?

In the U.S. today, we find ourselves at a volatile moment in history. There is the ideology called ‘liberalism’ which has now totally aligned itself with evil and lawlessness.

This is obviously why everything is so polarized. There can simply be no compromise with people who constantly lie while forwarding public policies that are wicked.

On the other hand, we have conservatives who in most cases seek to honor God, His laws, and the truth.

Do you think they call it ‘the left’ and ‘the right’ for nothing? The Final Judgment talks about people being put on the left and right of God before departing for either heaven or hell. It also speaks about the necessity of having one’s name written in ‘The Book of Life.’

Do you think those who have actively enabled the killing of babies in the womb will find their names written in that book?

There is no longer an excuse for aligning oneself with evil. People KNOW their choices due to the internet, mass information and mostly their consciences (if they have no understanding of Scripture and tradition). We really cannot deny the truth anymore.

Most of all, anyone who claims to be Christian can not constantly oppose God in their daily life. Those known as liberals, especially those in higher office, have become masters of disinformation, and I’m including the mass media in this observation.

There can be no doubt that such people follow the ‘father of lies,’ folks. Simply stated, if they don’t repent of it and stop doing evil, I have no doubt that they may find themselves in the pit of hell for all of eternity.

I am not judging here…I’m simply stating an obvious fact, and I feel compelled to share it online today.

Finally, I’d like to share a short soundtrack I heard a few years ago. Supposedly, some Russian scientists drilled deep into the earth and were terrified afterwards at what they heard. It seemed like the soundtrack of hell. If you play it, be careful not to scare any children or pets (yeah, I mean it) in the room with you. It’s quite unsettling audio.

Although some people disregard the recording, I’ve never heard anything on earth like it…


After Jesus Christ’s name is repeatedly invoked, a pro-abortion mob swarms the DC mall…

There is one thing you can count on in life – whenever there is a moment of Godliness on public display, satan will quickly try to counter it.

I’m not going to specifically address the vulgar display that took place the day after the inauguration. All we need to know on this the 44th anniversary of Roe v Wade is the truth about the ‘right’ those Americans are defending. The following video shows that ‘right,’ which is obviously horrifically wrong –

* Note – This is an abortion of a baby who was 12 weeks old.

The holocaust, abortion, and the approach of midnight…

Well, according to some sources, the quote I’ve often attributed to Mother Teresa regarding abortion, and its ultimate link to nuclear war wasn’t hers. Although I still believe she may have indeed said, “The fruit of abortion is nuclear war,” Archbishop Fulton Sheen made the exact comparison, so the threat indeed remains –

It’s all in a name…


And it came to pass after many days, that Cain offered, of the fruits of the earth, gifts to the Lord. Abel also offered of the firstlings of his flock, and of their fat: and the Lord had respect to Abel, and to his offerings. But to Cain and his offerings he had no respect: and Cain was exceedingly angry, and his countenance fell.

And the Lord said to him: Why art thou angry? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou do well, shalt thou not receive? but if ill, shall not sin forthwith be present at the door? but the lust thereof shall be under thee, and thou shalt have dominion over it. And Cain said to Abel his brother: Let us go forth abroad. And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and slew him. And the Lord said to Cain: Where is thy brother Abel? And he answered, I know not: am I my brother’ s keeper? And he said to him: What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’ s blood crieth to me from the earth.

Now, therefore, cursed shalt thou be upon the earth, which hath opened her mouth and received the blood of thy brother at thy hand.

– Genesis 4: 3-11

Yes. The name of Hillary Clinton’s running mate immediately drew my attention. Specifically, the last name – Kaine.

All I could think of was Cain in Scripture, a man who fell far short in his offering to God.

The ‘pudding on the cake,’ so to speak, is the fact that Kaine’s first name TOTALLY reinforces the last name, in the Biblical sense –

Timothy means, “to honor God.’

Interestingly, his last name is dreived from Hebrew and means, ‘acquired spear’ or ‘battle.’

So his name is ‘to honor God’ and then ‘acquired spear, battle.’

Well, that’s pretty much the story of Cain, isn’t it?

All this, from the party that literally leads the culture of death in the United States.

Indeed the blood of the unborn, a group so disrespected by liberals in America, cries out from the earth. 

I’d say pro-abortion Hillary Clinton picked an appropriate running mate.


* ‘Freak storm’ rocks media tent on first day of democrat convention.


Bishop Thomas Tobin discusses Kaine’s ‘Catholicism’ (from his Facebook page) –

VP Pick, Tim Kaine, a Catholic?

Democratic VP choice, Tim Kaine, has been widely identified as a Roman Catholic. It is also reported that he publicly supports “freedom of choice” for abortion, same-sex marriage, gay adoptions, and the ordination of women as priests. All of these positions are clearly contrary to well-established Catholic teachings; all of them have been opposed by Pope Francis as well.

Senator Kaine has said, “My faith is central to everything I do.” But apparently, and unfortunately, his faith isn’t central to his public, political life.

A repost of a potentially prophetic dream from 7.4.2006…and its time could be now.

This dream was very vivid and completely memorable.

I initially posted about it on my old blog back in 2009.

I started blogging in February of 2008 and this dream just stayed in the hopper, so to speak, until I recalled it after over a year of blogging.

For the past few days, I’ve felt pushed to mention this again. And now, what seemed at the time to be the most irrelevant part of the dream may actually mark a time frame of sorts, considering Hillary Clinton’s potential candidacy for president of the United States. * She’ll likely be nominated at the democrat convention next week, and the potential connection is plausible and totally weird in the context of the dream.

Here is the complete post plus a few updated ones. It’s important because, in context with world events at the time, elements may be strangely coming together now –

Posted on Pentecost 2008 (also happened to be Mother’s Day) –

I had a dream on July 4, 2006. Something in the sky which resembled the Moon (sometimes a symbol for mankind) caught fire, and then a skull appeared (See graphic I made above) . This is hard to describe, but I had the impression that this was somehow signifying the world which would take on a spirit of death. Considering how the world has embraced the culture of death in 2009, I can see great parallels in the meaning then, and the world now. Then satan (no I don’t capitalize it) appeared in front of the moon as a robot/clown type figure with all sorts of neon signs that were blinking ‘evil’ and various other words which I can’t specifically recall. I do remember that they were shallow ‘worldly’ words and distractions, describing sins, shallow things, etc… The scene had a sort of gaudy Las Vegas strip type effect.

The words of Our Lady of LaSalette, where she warned of people only thinking about amusements, describe the frivolity of this scene well. It was as if satan was behind all the worldly, silly things that consume time yet mean nothing.

In the dream, I was with a group of people outside a restaurant (in the parking area). Everyone decided to go home because it was apparent that something big was going to happen and due to the fact that the moon pretty much caught fire (in a ‘sign’ sort of way). I offered to explain what had been warned about in various apparitions and prophecies to one of the younger, confused onlookers but then I woke up. Right before I awoke I ‘heard’ the words: “If men don’t repent and better themselves the Father will inflict a terrible punishment. Fire will fall from the sky and wipe out a great part of humanity.” These were the exact words of warning that our Blessed Mother used when she appeared in Akita Japan, a Church approved apparition.

There is one thing I left out when first recanting this dream. I didn’t think it mattered, but I will share it now. I remember being aware that Hillary Clinton was with some people outside this restaurant – sort of on an outside patio (deck). I remember wondering whether or not she had seen the moon acting up. I remember thinking she was outside the restaurant, not in it, so she may have seen what happened. I left this out because I really didn’t think Hillary mattered much to the dream. Perhaps I didn’t want her to!

Later, on that very day, North Korea defied Japan and the United States by testing several missiles in the sea of Japan (the country where Our Lady of Akita warned about fire falling from the sky).


Originally posted on 3/30/2009 –

Sometime in the next few days, North Korea is going to launch a missile. Needless to say, Japan isn’t too happy about it since Korea tends to launch the rockets over Japan. The Japanese have threatened to shoot down any missile which they perceive to be a threat. Iran is helping North Korea with the test. This is a country where the people in power believe that their ‘mahdi’ or messiah will only return during a worldwide apocalypse. Iran’s president has even indicated that they wouldn’t mind being the spark that ignites such an event.

The United States has just stated publicly that nothing would be done regarding the test (I got the impression that the situation would be completely ‘hands off’). This is an open door, and a surrender to the other powers in the region. It also a huge step back for our nation which once enjoyed superpower status, not to mention a strange way of dealing with (or actually abandoning) our allies. I’m not saying we should go in guns blazing, but this doesn’t seem like mature foreign policy to me.

Do I believe that this is the event described in the Akita Japan apparition? I don’t think so. The event described by the Blessed Mother seems almost cosmic, but it remains to be seen.

Honestly, I don’t fancy myself a prophet, but every now and then something weird like this does happen.

I wonder why this vivid dream of warning, in context with our shallow, sin laden, culture of death happened on July 4th 2006. That morning, after my dream, North Korea pulled this same stunt (and did again on this most recent Memorial Day, 2009- they sure love our Holidays!)

May Almighty God have mercy on our world which is desperately in need of spiritual correction and drowning in worldly frivolity.


Originally posted on June 18, 2009 –

Japan reports that North Korea intends to launch the missile on July 4th. I have to admit I almost fell off of my chair when I heard that. I know they seem obsessed with our civil holidays but considering my dream (see above)…I was a bit shocked.

The connection to Japan is my concern. I think this thing could go out of control and hit them. When this most recent North Korea situation kicked up, it was on the very Anniversary of the Akita Japan apparition – June 12th.

Call me crazy, but there sure seems to be a confluence of events taking place here. The frivolity, and culture of death obsession in our society (especially apparent in fashion, skulls, dragons, etc…) seem to serve as a marker. The satanic, worldly distractions (which so many seem to be selfishly pursuing), the Akita anniversary, the desperate need for societal repentance, and finally, the fact that Hillary will be ‘outside’ of things, so to speak. ** At the time she’d just fractured her arm.

We shall see, but please keep all in your prayers. That is really the main point of my website – to point out what may need prayer.

Christ’s peace to you.


7.21.2016 –

So there ya go. As far as elements in the dream, we have the moon (which has been amazingly large the past few nights), a society occupied with satan-inspired, shallow, worldly things, Hillary Clinton and a dire warning from the apparition of the Blessed Mother in Akita Japan (an event well-noted to be an extension of the Fatima apparitions). The world news that intertwined itself into the dream involved – North Korea, missiles, Iran, and Japan.

I’m now wondering if the reference to Hillary may actually mark this time frame, since she is running for president and is very much in the news. Additionally, the democrat convention starts next week so she is kind of not in the restaurant yet….so to speak. Or not on the menu/ballot?

News today –

Mystery as North Korean radio broadcasts string of random numbers