256 and Irma…

Great American eclipse info from Christian County, Kentucky –

The eclipse itself will begin at 11:51 a.m. This is when the point of first contact is predicted, and the eclipse will last until 2:56 p.m.

The following video treats the subject of Jewish mysticism. Anyone who is paying attention can’t help but notice that on the heels of the ‘Great American Eclipse’ the United States has been experiencing what some would label chastising events. The timing has been immediate, with Biblical storms and multiple threatening possibilities looming on our horizon.

After hurricane Harvey, I couldn’t help but think that Christians are being called out of a slumber as our country is being bullied into rejecting much of its rich history. This is an age-old communist, tyrannical tactic used to bludgeon a country into submission.

I have a feeling satan has twisted the following Jewish belief into ‘numerology,’ much the same as he has corrupted Biblical astronomy (see Genesis creation story) into astrology.

What’s amazing to me is how many Americans now cast blame for such events on everything from politics to individual people rather than sin. It’s not even entertained as a possibility by believing Christians anymore. That is astounding to me…

Also relevant, is the fact that Jared Kushner is taking up the burdensome stone of peace talks between Israelis and Arabs. In Scripture, this is deemed a futile and destructive path. Only Jesus Christ will be able to bring peace to the Middle East. It will be a tinderbox until He returns, at least that is my interpretation of Biblical evidence regarding same.

Anyway, this take on events is worth a listen…and remember the number 256




When it becomes clear that naming multiple landmarks after a pro-abortion, former KKK democrat was a bad idea….



At least 26 people died yesterday during the devastating flooding in West Virginia.

As someone noted on the net –

This all happened along Robert Byrd Hwy when Robert Byrd River overflowed. Then Robert Byrd Ambulance Service was dispatched from Robert Byrd Hospital. Robert Byrd Bridge was still functional though.


Remember Robert Byrd? He was the pro-abort democrat who also happened to be a former KKK leader.

When in his 20’s, he recruited 150 of his friends to form a new chapter of the KKK. He was their elected leader, gaining the title of the ‘Exalted Cyclops.’

Um….I think it’s time to rename all of those landmarks, or what’s left of them.

If they don’t, I’d move.

*Prayers for all the deceased and their loved ones.*