Is it more about a natural gas pipeline rather than poison gas?

So…what does Syria, Russia and Iran have in common? The proposal for a natural gas pipeline in the Mideast which would rival Saudi and U.S. interests.

Let’s face it, if Americans actually cared about killing babies with chemicals, abortions employing such techniques would be immediately banned.

Back to the pipeline –

Wikipedia aside, all the players are far too coincidental.

From Zerohedge –

A battle is raging over whether pipelines will go toward Europe from east to west, from Iran and Iraq to the Mediterranean coast of Syria, or take a more northbound route from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Syria and Turkey. Having realized that the stalled Nabucco pipeline, and indeed the entire Southern Corridor, are backed up only by Azerbaijan’s reserves and can never equal Russian supplies to Europe or thwart the construction of the South Stream, the West is in a hurry to replace them with resources from the Persian Gulf. Syria ends up being a key link in this chain, and it leans in favor of Iran and Russia; thus it was decided in the Western capitals that its regime needs to change.

The idea that Assad would gas his own people when he was winning the war against those wanting to over- throw his government is patently absurd. Add to that the fact that it takes those investigating such acts take WEEKS if not MONTHS to determine what happened in similar situations.

What happened? According to one report, the rebels were storing gas in a warehouse which was bombed by the Syrian Air Force causing chemical exposure to those in the area. This begs the question – was Assad set up? Could intelligence have been given that the warehouse was filled with standard munitions?

As I’ve noted before – a U.N. investigation and an independent journalist found that the 2013 chemical attack in Syria (the ‘red line’ one) was carried out by islamist, anti-Assad rebels.

This stinks to high-heaven, folks. And if the mayhem continues, more Middle Eastern Christians may pay with their very lives.

And perhaps…all of this to stop a pipeline.

*** Prophetically, Damascus would be the center of this proposed pipeline. Another note is Walid Shoebat’s Scriptural interpretation claiming Iran will nuke Saudi Arabia. If energy dominance in the region is the underlying reason for all of this, it’s obvious that such a scenario could be on the horizon.


Could the radical homosexual agenda plunge us into WW3?

CNN just reported that a Ukraine singer won the  Eurovision award with an anti-Russian themed song.

No agenda there, folks!

And is this seriously the best performance Europe can muster up?

The winner – Jamala – is a ‘Tartar,’ or person of Turkic descent. Her stage-name is Arabic in origin, but I digress….or maybe not.

BTW, here’s Russia’s amazing Eurovision entry –


Russia was obviously robbed, folks.

My question is – how much provocation and vilification can one proud nation take? Missiles are now popping up on the borders of Russia, courtesy of NATO and the current U.S. ‘president.’ This escalation immediately followed Russia’s righteous war against ISIS.

Of course, Russia is by no means perfect. However, compared to the rest of the world, its stand against the current golden calf known as the radical homosexual agenda should not be dismissed, and marked a turning point of overt aggression by the West. Additionally, Putin’s war on islamists has ruffled a few feathers…if you get my drift.

* President Putin has also strongly opposed GMO food, which no doubt infuriated the greedy Frankensteins of our world who seem hell bent on corrupting God’s natural order.

But back to the global homofascist agenda –

Since Russia has been so vilified over its refusal to capitulate on homosexuality, why have islamic states that torture and brutally kill homosexuals suffered no consequences for their actions? Because they are already evil. And Jesus said satan cannot be divided against himself.


Here’s a well thought out article on how, and most likely why, we find ourselves on the brink of a nuclear exchange with the Russian Federation and it appears the turning point may have actually involved homosexuality. We’re propagandized to believe that Russia is the bad guy in Ukraine but, as you’ll learn in the article, the U.S. apparently had much to do with the chaos in the region.

In this 100th anniversary year of the angel’s first appearance (before the Blessed Mother’s apparitions the following year – 1917) in Fatima, Portugal, how can we not recall her warning that God’s chosen instrument to chastise the world would be Russia?

Additionally, the ‘abortion president’ remains in power, due to the overwhelming betrayal, corruption and lawlessness in our federal government.

“The fruit of abortion is nuclear war.”

– Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (who will be declared a saint on 9/4/2016)

Be faithful to Jesus Christ and prepare (within reason) for anything.

* Some claim Mother Teresa didn’t make the above comment. I’ve been under the impression for years that she did and it sure sounds like something she would say. Even if she didn’t make the comment though, someone did, and it should be taken very seriously, IMHO.


Barry pays off Iran, then monster blizzard ‘Jonas’ targets Washington, DC…

The storm will also focus on Washington on the anniversary of Roe v Wade and follows the fed decision to fund Planned Parenthood yet again, even though the abortion mill has been exposed for atrocities against the unborn.



Barry’s motorcade slips, and skids into curbs before storm bears down on Washington ––366012801.html?partner=nbcnews

Jonas is a multifaceted, monster storm –

And there are many interesting meanings for the name Jonas –

Also interesting is the fact that the name Jonas is very popular in areas that are now being invaded by islamists.

Additionally, the blame for the expansion of the potential worldwide caliphate can be traced directly back to the door of the White House, IMHO.


Not even a hiccup after the next astounding statement made by the current ‘commander-in-chief,’ not to mention the general in the video who, unnaturally, doesn’t blink at all during a very extended period of time. Of course, this could bring up an entirely different topic…but I digress.

IMHO, you don’t say something like this unless it’s true –


Oh, but Angela Merkel is allowing Islamists to enter her country, right? Since her recklessness is totally out of character and an endangerment to her own country, why would she do it??? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Barry was directly involved in tapping her phone?

Now, the reason Barry appointed so many ‘czars’ when he first took office becomes quite apparent due to the fact that they only report to him and are not subject to congressional oversight.

That said, many people in Washington have inexplicably caved to this lawless Chicago thug. And you can’t convince me that blackmail and intimidation weren’t a part of it.

Terror speech takeaways – Barry will continue to arm islamists while partnering with Turkey (command center for the rising caliphate)

That’s all folks!

‘Coalition’ forces have reportedly killed Syrian ‘government forces’ who are actually opposing ISIS (‘islamists,’ or ‘Syrian rebels’).

That’s how I see it.

Like it or not, Putin and Assad have been beating back the expanding islamic caliphate whose homebase is now in Turkey.

Do you know how dangerous this is?

China is also due to join Russia militarily soon. I wonder how many Americans would be thrilled to have a war with Russia AND China? Because if the madness continues, that’s exactly what will happen, and I have no doubt that it will lead to a nuclear exchange.

It’s always been my worst fear – all hell breaks loose with Barry at the controls…

May Jesus Christ save us.

Why Gog and Magog are Turkey and islamic nations…not Russia

Walid Shoebat once and for all puts the idea that Russia is ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’ to rest. With that enlightening concept in mind, I again warn Christians not to fall into the ‘Russia is bad, everyone else is good’ trap. This is dangerous and literally aligns you with the nations of antichrist.

After the shootdown of a Russian warplane and outright murder of Russian pilots by the ‘wonderful’ western-supported ‘rebels’ while they shouted praise to ‘allah,’ the danger lies in the NATO coalition. Turkey (home of the last islamic caliphate and wannabe leader of the new caliphate) is part of NATO. An attack on one NATO allied nation is considered an attack on all which may lead to a NATO coalition war against Russia. This means all of NATO will begin defending and fighting on the side of the rising islamic caliphate (antichrist system).

It is pretty dangerous to be in a ‘Cold War’ state of mind right now. Such old alliances are in the past while the current islamic caliphate is rising NOW. If NATO allied nations go to war WITH TURKEY against Russia it will mean that the U.S. and other off the rail western nations are literally fighting on the side against Christendom – the side that has murdered Christians in the Mideast using savagery unparalleled in modern times.

This is end-time battle stuff, folks. There will be no peace treaty…only Divine intervention.

The ‘Jerusalem fire’ rages in CA…and it looks like a nuclear blast

Interesting timing considering Barry’s ‘Iran Deal’ would enable the development of a nuclear bomb by the ancient Persian empire.

Local news described a ‘massive mushroom cloud.’

Here’s some pics of the ‘Jerusalem Fire’ in California –




Israeli news report – ISIS is approaching the Golan Heights…

Obviously, the trajectory of ISIS has always been toward Israel. Israeli news is now claiming they are nearing the Golan Heights.




This has always been the goal, folks. It is also why, IMHO, the current occupant of the Oval Office and his sycophants have insisted on referring to ISIS as ISIL, a term which denies the existence of the Israeli state.

First, if you choose to refer to this group as ISIL, you have basically rewritten the map of the Middle East and fallen into the trap of not recognizing the existence of Israel and also Lebanon. If you use ISIL you are then validating the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist claim that the modern day Jewish State of Israel is an occupation state and does not exist in the eyes of Muslims.

Need I remind you of the faux pas — or perhaps purposeful use — by then-Obama counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan who, at a Ramadan dinner celebration in the White House, referred to the capital of Israel as Al Quds, not as Jerusalem — what are words for indeed? They convey a certain meaning — just like calling the Ft Hood massacre “workplace violence” and not an Islamic jihadist attack.

John Brennan (former counter-terrorism advisor; current CIA director) –

Congress has now voted to stop a ‘secret’ plan to aid Syrian ‘rebels’ (who are undeniably in league with ISIS). Of course, the fall of Assad will mean islamists take control of Syria and another massacre of Christians in the Middle East.

It’s well past time to connect the dots, America. This islamic aggression and conquest will not end in the Middle East.

According to the director of the FBI, ISIS now has a presence in all 50 states.image

Perhaps this is why I found myself pondering this Scripture about an hour ago –

My son, sow not evils in the furrows of injustice, and thou shalt not reap them sevenfold.

– Ecclesiasticus 7:3

Finally, you know the ‘president’ would like to disarm Americans….don’t you? 

Perhaps you haven’t heard that islamists have been infiltrating protests against the police…

Am I the only one who thinks this administration has been the most transparent in our Nation’s history?