U.S.A. battle – The spirit of Jezabel vs pharisaism

Key quotes from what I believe may be a prophetic word in the video –


‘The dogs of hell have been released against the one who the Lord’s hand is upon.’

‘God uses who He wants to use.’

‘The political structure that the enemy has used…’


That may be enough for this post but I really wanted to address something else.

Although I’ve almost always agreed with Ted Cruz (his campaign is suspended for the moment), I simply could never vote for someone who claims to be so religious while consistently and deliberately misrepresenting his opponent’s views.

Even though this may be irrelevant as far as the campaign stands right now, the next video is simply jaw-dropping.

Godspeed, folks! I think were going to need Him more than ever until the current ‘president’ is either impeached (long overdue) or ends his destructive and dangerous term.

May God save America.


Russians raise ‘killer’ banner on U.S. embassy…

As I’ve said, allowing this ‘president’ to continue his reign of lawlessness and worldwide chaos will definitely have its consequences.

Years ago, I heard an interesting spiritual concept which I think exactly applies to this situation. The saying was that if you avoid a small cross, a larger, unavoidable one would come along. For example, many people think they can float through life without upsetting anyone or taking a moral stand on anything. This simply isn’t true.

I also heard it said that when you go before the throne of Christ, He will ask you, “Where are your wounds?

We now live in a country that REFUSES to take a stand for what is right. Whether it be impeachment of a ‘president’ who has lied, obfuscated the truth and engaged in blatantly traitorous behavior, people truly believe the country can glide through one more year of outright lawlessness.

Will Russia be the chastising force against the United States?

Here’s a great article on the subject. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this post is the danger of ignorant nationalism and lack of repentance for grave sins which obviously threaten the future of our United States.

We no longer hold the moral high ground…

May God help America.