The soundtrack of hell?

In the U.S. today, we find ourselves at a volatile moment in history. There is the ideology called ‘liberalism’ which has now totally aligned itself with evil and lawlessness.

This is obviously why everything is so polarized. There can simply be no compromise with people who constantly lie while forwarding public policies that are wicked.

On the other hand, we have conservatives who in most cases seek to honor God, His laws, and the truth.

Do you think they call it ‘the left’ and ‘the right’ for nothing? The Final Judgment talks about people being put on the left and right of God before departing for either heaven or hell. It also speaks about the necessity of having one’s name written in ‘The Book of Life.’

Do you think those who have actively enabled the killing of babies in the womb will find their names written in that book?

There is no longer an excuse for aligning oneself with evil. People KNOW their choices due to the internet, mass information and mostly their consciences (if they have no understanding of Scripture and tradition). We really cannot deny the truth anymore.

Most of all, anyone who claims to be Christian can not constantly oppose God in their daily life. Those known as liberals, especially those in higher office, have become masters of disinformation, and I’m including the mass media in this observation.

There can be no doubt that such people follow the ‘father of lies,’ folks. Simply stated, if they don’t repent of it and stop doing evil, I have no doubt that they may find themselves in the pit of hell for all of eternity.

I am not judging here…I’m simply stating an obvious fact, and I feel compelled to share it online today.

Finally, I’d like to share a short soundtrack I heard a few years ago. Supposedly, some Russian scientists drilled deep into the earth and were terrified afterwards at what they heard. It seemed like the soundtrack of hell. If you play it, be careful not to scare any children or pets (yeah, I mean it) in the room with you. It’s quite unsettling audio.

Although some people disregard the recording, I’ve never heard anything on earth like it…



Iran, Fatima, hell, satan, and abortion…

Here’s an old post from the blog I began in February of 2008 –


Now, with ‘the abortion president’ at the helm, we’ve edged undeniably closer to a nuclear conflagration after the Iran nuke sham announced on July 14, 2015. On the same day, news reports exposed planned parenthood’s harvesting and sale of baby body parts. And ironically, the woman who negotiated the nuke deal, Wendy, Sherman, is a former director of ‘Emily’s list,’ a major pro-abortion group.

Although the agreement was announced on July 14, it’s safe to assume the final touches were made on July 13 – a date marking the 98th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s revelation of hell to 3 young shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. Persia (modern day Iran) is definitively linked to the apparition for a few reasons. To name two – Mary appeared in the year of the Balfour Declaration – 1917 – while wearing a ‘star of Esther’ on her mantle.

According to the Hebrew calendar, Jews are today in the process of commemorating and mourning the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Concurrently, we’re seeing Israel’s age-old enemy (Iran/Persia) rise again to threaten her with the help of an American ‘pharoah’ of sorts, echoing the Biblical villain ‘Haman.’

All that said, I hope believers are preparing for turbulent times in the near future, and I would suggest unbelievers start believing!

Here are the top 3 trending topics on Twitter this morning –


Pluto was named after the Greek god of the underworld who was originally called ‘Hades’ (hell).

So, if we extrapolate the three items on the Twitter list it could read – nukes, hell, abortion.

As September approaches, bringing with it the Shemitah and final blood moon of the tetrad, I would expect anything.  Evil has reached an epitome while truth and goodness are being branded as just the opposite. IMHO, there has to be a MAJOR correction which only God can accomplish. However, man may have already forged the weapons of God’s wrath.