Children of the dark, the Great American Eclipse and everything in between…

Heaven knows, I didn’t want to go there but…..

Was Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance somehow prophetic?

Interestingly, Mariah Carey was named after the song – ‘They Call the Wind Maria.’ Wikipedia’s entry on the subject also notes a link involved with the current practice of naming Pacific and Atlantic storms after females, but I digress…maybe.

As far as the name Carey goes (Carrie Fisher also passed away 4 days prior), the name literally means ‘children of the dark’ in Gaelic. * Recall also that John ‘Kerry’ was making the news that week, too.


As Mariah strutted about the stage trying desperately to appear practically naked (real pro-woman, huh?), she was pretty much speechless while a large screen to her right played intermittent images of Jesus Christ. For all practical purposes, the only time she regained her singing voice was during the portions of her performance which were lip-synched.


Pondering this scene (after the fact, I didn’t watch it), I recalled this Scripture (emphasis added)

Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

And he shall gather them together into a place, which in Hebrew is called Armagedon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial upon the air, and there came a great voice out of the temple from the throne, saying: It is done.

– Apocalypse of Saint John (Revelation) 16:15-17


Of course, Scripturally, the real Mary, whom the ‘children of the light’ are familiar with, is seated at the right hand of Jesus. * See Scripture for proof of this tradition.  She also represents purity, virginity, humility, and modesty – the opposite of what was presented during this performance.

To be clear, I’m not in any way trying to judge Mariah Carey’s eternal salvation, however, she does represent a totally ‘off the rails’ culture. Nudity is also a trademark of the satanic, and pagan ritual which, according to some sources, also has some etymological links to the name ‘Carey.’

As I’ve noted before, there’s a lot in a name, and I believe God can use daily events to speak to us, especially during high-profile ones where He literally appears on a screen at the same time!

Whew! Who knew I’d be blogging about this, right? Well, when the spirit moves me, I must delve deeper….


On to Russia. Why not?

So, it appears the current occupant of the White House is trying his darnedest to start a hot war with Russia. There was nothing substantial involved with all of this cyber-blame, folks. The report is a joke, while the discovery of malware on a Vermont electrical grid computer has also proven to be fake news.

So why?

Many are scratching their heads and offering up theories. Well, here’s mine (buckle up)

First of all, the 90 degree bow to the King of Saudi Arabia at the very beginning of Barry’s term was all you needed to know.

Secondly, here is the current CIA director praising islam –

So, why is the current administration making war (for all practical purposes) against Putin? Perhaps because he is literally decimating ISIS.

Here is one pundit struggling to explain the possible motives behind Barry’s latest, dangerous aggression toward Russia –

Overthrowing Assad would have meant a genocide of Syrian Christians, as well as the further spread of islamic rule (a caliphate) throughout the Mideast and ever closer to Israel.


But what about Gog and Magog? Isn’t that Russia?

Not according to the next source. He makes the very valid claim that Turkey is actually the upcoming, prophetic fulfillment of that villianous entity –

So, extrapolating on all of that, here’s my theory on the latest, last ditch, chaotic efforts of BHO –

I believe the endgame is to distract Russia, or challenge them in an aggressive, threatening manner so as to make it possible for a coalition of islamists from the various countries mentioned in Scripture (Gog and Magog) to attempt an invasion of Israel.

Now, recall what St. Pio reportedly prophesied concerning Russia and the United States –

“The Russian people will be converted. Their conversion will happen very fast. The conversion of the United States will be slow, but sure”.  Padre Pio also said “Yes, Russia will be converted, as the Blessed Virgin said she would. However, Russia will teach the United States a lesson in conversion.”

If nothing monumental takes place in the next 17 days, perhaps the latest demand from the U.N. will setup Israel by making the area strategically indefensible in the near future.

Regardless, it’s on the verge of getting real hot…like thermonuclear hot.

The anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima, 2017, is going to be quite a year.

And don’t forget the solar eclipse that will slice across the United States on 8/21/2017. It will end at about 6PMET on the eve of the Queenship of Mary. In Israel, however, it will be just after midnight on her feast day.







Report: ‘on the brink of a third world war’

There is strong reason to believe that a Third World War may begin soon over Syria.

After Russia decimated ISIS, the U.S. sent ‘advisors’ to the region to ‘aid in the fight against the islamic state.’ Considering Russia’s success in beating back the terrorists, I began wondering if we were really going over there to pick up the pieces, so to speak.

Here’s a pull-quote from a very alarming report on developments in the region –

“over 50 top ‘diplomats’ are urging to eliminate [Syrian Pres. Bashar al] Assad in order to ‘defeat ISIS’, the same ISIS which top US ‘diplomats’ had unleashed previously in order to … eliminate Assad.”

Aside from the article’s mention of a pipeline agenda, the apparent duplicity of the United States government regarding Syria and ISIS is almost terrifying.

Read on….

Syrian Archbishop exposes the U.S. – islamic terror link…

As I suspected…we are supporting terrorists – the freaking murderers of Christians in the Middle East.

(Syrian) Archbishop Hindo continued: “Western propaganda keeps talking about moderate rebels, who do not exist. There is something very disturbing about all this – there is a superpower that since September 11 protests because the Russians hit the militias of al-Qaeda in Syria.“What does it mean, (that) al-Qaeda is now a US ally, just because in Syria it has a different name? But do they really despise our intelligence and our memory?”

Apparently, yes, Archbishop Hindo. The United States government must think you are as stupid as most Americans are…

IMHO, this is yet another confirmation of the administration’s worldwide war on Christianity. So far, it’s a bloodless war in the United States, only conducted by the media who are undeniably hostile to Christianity while taking their cues from a godless White House.

And do you think we’ll get through this hell without the shedding of Christian blood in the United States? Will only the ancient Christians of the Middle East be slaughtered in this war on religion? Um…I doubt it.

On the coming 100-year anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s plea for the ‘conversion of Russia:’

Most people believe that 2017 will mark 100 years since the Fatima Apparition in Portugal. However, the actual 100 year anniversary of the Fatima apparition will begin in 2016. The angel first appeared in Portugal during the spring of that year. So I wonder, will the conversion of Russia which was implored by the Blessed Mother be even more evident as we enter 2016? We shall soon see…

What seems necessary right now, IMHO, is the conversion of the United States and Europe. Currently, Russia is doing exactly what it should be doing – bombing the snot out of the islamists.

One more time (CIA director John Brennan) –

Iran, Isis, and the highest mountain in North America…is he ‘with’ them?


Well, the current ‘president’ of the United States has renamed the highest mountain in North America. The ‘new’ name Denali (/dɨˈnɑːli/) or ‘the tall one’ was the name locals used before 1917.

So, we’re to believe this administration felt the need to redesignate Mount McKinley to what? A more specific name used by the locals which means ‘the tall one?’

Did you know that one of Mount McKinley’s faces is called Isis?
OK…are you a little freaked out now?


Dinali is also the name of a former Persian governor of ‘Khurasan’ . Of course, ‘Persia’ is more precisely known as modern day Iran, but no one seems in the mood to revert to that name anytime soon.

Let’s extrapolate further by recalling two islamic prophecies –

1. “The hadith says … If you see the black banners coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice; no power will be able to stop them. And they will finally reach Baitul Maqdis [Jerusalem], where they will erect their flags.”

2. …a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”

Even after documenting these facts, most Americans would deny any subtle, if not overt intent on the part of the current ‘president’ to give a ‘wink and a nod’ to islamists.

However, you can be sure such acts do not go unnoticed in the Arab world.

All of it…the baby killing and distribution of body parts, the homosexual ‘marriage’ ruling, the persecution of Christians by our own federal government and the abandonment of Middle Eastern Christians while they’re forced to endure a genocide reminiscent of Nazi atrocities but even more brutal.

And now September ushers in the final phase of our Shemitah year.

Israeli news report – ISIS is approaching the Golan Heights…

Obviously, the trajectory of ISIS has always been toward Israel. Israeli news is now claiming they are nearing the Golan Heights.




This has always been the goal, folks. It is also why, IMHO, the current occupant of the Oval Office and his sycophants have insisted on referring to ISIS as ISIL, a term which denies the existence of the Israeli state.

First, if you choose to refer to this group as ISIL, you have basically rewritten the map of the Middle East and fallen into the trap of not recognizing the existence of Israel and also Lebanon. If you use ISIL you are then validating the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist claim that the modern day Jewish State of Israel is an occupation state and does not exist in the eyes of Muslims.

Need I remind you of the faux pas — or perhaps purposeful use — by then-Obama counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan who, at a Ramadan dinner celebration in the White House, referred to the capital of Israel as Al Quds, not as Jerusalem — what are words for indeed? They convey a certain meaning — just like calling the Ft Hood massacre “workplace violence” and not an Islamic jihadist attack.

John Brennan (former counter-terrorism advisor; current CIA director) –

Congress has now voted to stop a ‘secret’ plan to aid Syrian ‘rebels’ (who are undeniably in league with ISIS). Of course, the fall of Assad will mean islamists take control of Syria and another massacre of Christians in the Middle East.

It’s well past time to connect the dots, America. This islamic aggression and conquest will not end in the Middle East.

According to the director of the FBI, ISIS now has a presence in all 50 states.image

Perhaps this is why I found myself pondering this Scripture about an hour ago –

My son, sow not evils in the furrows of injustice, and thou shalt not reap them sevenfold.

– Ecclesiasticus 7:3

Finally, you know the ‘president’ would like to disarm Americans….don’t you? 

Perhaps you haven’t heard that islamists have been infiltrating protests against the police…

Am I the only one who thinks this administration has been the most transparent in our Nation’s history?

Ethiopian muslim woman to ISIS – ‘you are sons of satan’

She bravely gave her name and sent her message to ISIS: “You are animals, you are criminals, you are not of the sons of Adam, but the sons of satan. May God burn you in hellfire … who are you to judge between Muslim and Christian. Only God is the ultimate judge”.

Full story here..

Pray for muslims.