Eve of the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, sun will rise eclipsed on the U.S. west coast…

…and diagonally divide the country during the course of the ‘Great Eclipse‘ on 8.21.2017 –

“No human action can disrupt the incessant dance of the cosmos, and the Moon’s shadow will not wait on you if you’re not ready. Like a mindless juggernaut, it plows its way through space toward a collision course with Earth. As predicted by the astronomers decades in advance, the shadow arrives with perfect accuracy, and touches down in the north Pacific Ocean at 16:48:33 UT*, at local sunrise. (At that spot, the Sun will actually rise while totally eclipsed. This is a sight few people—even veteran eclipse chasers—have seen, and from what we hear, it is quite uncanny.)”

Some good info in this next video, which includes the 9 month anomaly of the king planet being in the womb of Virgo (the virgin). *Rapture theory aside (actually contradicted when he says that the time will be shortened so as to save the elect). 

Nice animation –

Also worth mentioning – during the eclipse, the sun will be near the heart of Leo, the lion. This next video touches on the celestial references in our National anthem, and the Christian roots of our country while referencing the state of it now –




HUGE signs in the heavens beginning in August…

On the eve of the feast of the Queenship of Mary, the U.S. will be divided in half by a solar eclipse –


Overly dramatic title but interesting findings –


The MAJOR sign in the heavens will occur on September 23rd of this year, and it’s huge. I haven’t watched this entire video yet, but it looks very informative  –


And all of this as we approach the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 2017.





Looking like a ‘Star of Bethlehem’ moment tonight!

Considering everything that’s going on in the world right now, this is VERY interesting timing.

And as if the conjunction isn’t dramatic enough, it will occur in the constellation Virgo (the virgin).


Look to the west at sunset tonight –


The Jupiter-Venus conjunction is coming with more possibly on the horizon…

OK. So here’s the lowdown for this week –

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is on Tuesday. If your area is cloudy, be sure to check it out Wednesday. In the U.S., both planets will set at about 10:30EDT so be sure to get out there and see ‘the Christmas star!’

BTW – planets don’t twinkle only stars do…

Again, here’s the July 1st view –




As was pointed out on a recent radio show, Venus and Jupiter do align occasionally, however, this conjunction will occur in the lion constellation, as was the case when Christ was born. According to a guest on the show, the ‘Christmas star’ was primarily visible (of course) in the Middle East and surrounding regions. The Tuesday-Wednesday event will feature the ‘Christmas star’ in the West. Hmmm… 🙂

In addition to that interesting tidbit, the 1st reading at all Catholic Masses during Tuesday’s conjunction will be about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.    ** Thanks to Tony for pointing this out after seeing it on Daniel O’Connor’s blog.

We have also been warned by Homeland Security about ISIS’ recent demand for terror attacks against the United States. The alarm has specifically been raised for July 4th.

Much is happening, folks…keep the world, and those who are far from God in your prayers. 

Will the Jupiter-Venus conjunction open another chapter in Scriptural fulfillment?

It should be glaringly apparent that the Middle East is now witnessing a throttled-up fulfillment of Christ’s warning on martyrdom –

These things have I spoken to you, that you may not be scandalized. They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God. And these things will they do to you; because they have not known the Father, nor me. But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them. But I told you not these things from the beginning, because I was with you.

– John 16:1-5

In a recent post, I also noted the practicality of taking words in context when recalling certain Biblcal passages. I considered Jesus’ location – the Middle East – when He questioned whether there would be any faith left in the land upon His return. In that post, I made the case that He was literally referring to the Middle East. While many seem to believe He was referring to the entire world,  the word ‘terra’ actually translates to ‘land.’ So, as Christians flee the Middle East and Churches are either destroyed or, due to threats of terror, not holding services, the context seems quite clear and likely very literal.

Soooo, perhaps I’ve made the case that we are much farther down the prophetic timeline than most people would dare believe…

As I noted in my e-book, ‘Signs in the Heavens – Distress of Nations,’ there are many current celestial events which apear to be pointing to major prophetic and apocalyptic Scriptural fulfillments.

The next major ‘sign in the sky’ will climax on 7/1/2015. And for various reasons, I’m linking that celestial event to a certain Scriptural passage. My main reason for doing so involves several elements – the major conjunction of the two planets (Jupiter – the king planet and Venus – the mother planet), the location of the event (in front of the lion comstellation), and the apparent emphasis of the number 7 (in Scripture 7 symbolizes completeness).

First, take a look at the conjunction on 7/1 –


* ‘Skywalk’ app

After extrapolating on the previously mentioned elements involved in this event, and Jupiter’s very prolonged position infront of the lion comstellation (late 2014 and 2015),  I’d like to specifically note this Scripture which leads into the ‘7 Seals’ in its following chapters –


And as if this wasn’t enough of a conspicuous ‘look up’ moment, Mars – the planet long associated with war – will join Jupiter and Venus climaxing in a triad under the constellation during October of 2015.




And, of course, there’s the September Shemitah while all this activity is going on under the lion….

Something’s up folks, literally!





Pacific quake watch….

While our illustrious, unbiased, non-agenda-driven media is blaming this beaching on climate issues, it’s important to note that many mass beachings of sea creatures precede major earthquakes.

Here’s the money quote from a news story on the incident –

‘We don’t normally see these animals because they live on the bottom of the continental shelf,” said marine biologist Mike Schaadt.

Here’s a screenshot of earthquake activity as of 6/18/2015 –


As you can plainly see, the entire plate off the coast of Asia is rattling. Knowing this, it’s not hard to understand why the crustaceans are hauling tail off the continental plate.

I would also like to note the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Venus (the ‘king planet’ and ‘mother planet). There was also a conjunction of those same planets immediately after celestial activity surrounding the star Regulus (royalty) in the lion constellation, in 2BC. This conspicuous, astronomical event no doubt triggered the pilgrimage of the Magi to Bethlehem at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth.

The window for the conjunction is from 6/29/2015 until 7/1/2015 and should be a spectacular event.

Have you been watching those planets nearing each other in the western sky each night? Here’s what the conjunction will look like at its peak over the western horizon –


I’ll post more on this in the future. Meanwhile, keep an eye to the sky. It’s pretty amazing up there right now!