Congressman Steve King exposes the REAL crimes of BHO and Co…

This is where the real scandal lurks – in BHO’s administration.

They literally tore the country, and Constitution to shreds.

There was utter lawlessness for 8 LONG YEARS, and IMHO Comey was the drain plug in the filthy, corrupt DC swamp.

#DrainTheSwamp already, congress!!!!! Don’t you DARE prosecute President Trump.
He is trying to fix this chaotic mess.

Notice how they tried to shut Congressman Steve King up…



On the edge of war? Russian government officials told to call any family studying abroad home…

I wonder how many Americans realize how close we are to a nuclear exchange with Russia.

BTW, the only candidate who wants to avoid this is Donald Trump. He also said, during the recent debate, that Syria and Russia are fighting ISIS which is absolutely right. When they find ISIS weapons caches, they find American weapons. I’m unsure if the knives used to cut off Christians heads are American supplied though….

In recent developments, NATO has been surrounding Russia.

Ukraine? The U.S. helped stage the overthrow of that gov’t early on in this mess. As I’ve said before, this country will rue the day it let this maniac continue to destabilize the entire world. Now some want to elect the corrupt female who helped him.


Davis vs. Gayliath…..

Ya know I’m always digging deeper…

So, what do you suppose the name Kim Davis means?

Kim means ‘brave, leader, chief of war, bold kin’

Davis means ‘son of David.’

Hmmmmm….couldn’t be more appropriate considering the circumstances!

Isn’t it wild? Kim Davis almost SOUNDS like King David.

Let us pray and support this woman, whose name hearkens back to a great and victorious warrior for God, while she continues her fight to freely exercise her faith. ┬áVictory, in this case, means recognition of the fact that no one should be forced to participate (key word) in an act deemed contrary to God’s written law.

May the Father in heaven bring a great victory to this brave woman and all who stand for truth and religious freedom. I pray this in the name of His most pure Son, Jesus the Christ, and His Immaculate Mother….AMEN.