A foreboding ‘sign in the heavens’ over New York State…

As Governor Cuomo and New York democrats plan to pass a RADICAL and savagely evil abortion agenda, a powerful snowstorm crippled the state. Governor Cuomo even noted that the snow would specifically affect the ‘entire’ state.

Next week, on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, New York democrats plan to pass a bill which is known as RHA or WHARR. War indeed….war on the unborn.

On to tonight’s ‘sign in the heavens…’

As the moon was DIRECTLY OVER the Capitol of New York State, where the vote will take place, it turned blood red. That is not the most amazing part of it though. It was fully eclipsed, or ‘blood red’ at exactly 12:12AM.

The appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico, put an end to the practice of human sacrifice among the Azteks. The feast day of the Virgin Mary under this title is 12/12.

Harry Blackmun, the liberal judge who authored Roe, said that if personhood could ever be PROVEN, Roe would ‘necessarily’ fall. Obviously, DNA and ultrasound technology now meet that threshold. With that in mind, and the fact that the bill practically criminalizes a pro-life ideology, challenges to this legislation could land in the Supreme Court. That said, this ‘sign in the heavens’ could well be a sign of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s eventual victory over the satanic sacrifice of the most innocent among us.

This also could be a warning considering the fact that Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive hurricanes in history, ravaged New York 66 weeks after the ‘gay marriage’ decision.

Finally, and oddly, this will be the last blood moon until 2021. They are calling it an ‘unusual lull.’

This blood moon was also called a ‘super blood wolf moon.’ How appropriate, since there are many wolves in high places, especially in the cases of Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo, who actually call themselves ‘Catholic.’

Keep praying people. This is obviously no more about politics, it’s a spiritual battle.






The election, Our Lady of Guadalupe and the cross…

How ’bout that election, huh?

Considering the projected rampant voter fraud, I knew we needed Divine assistance for this one…

About 8:30 on election night it didn’t look good for Donald Trump. As  drove home, my prayers went up to Our Lady of Guadalupe begging her intercession. I chose her because the election between George Bush and Al Gore was resolved on her feast day. She is also the ‘patroness of the unborn.’ I knew from experience her intercession was very powerful in such instances.

Also, a few years ago, I was with a group praying outside an abortion clinic. They were processing with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that day. At one point, I happened to notice something very mystical during the time I spent there. Whenever someone would leave, another person would show up and seemingly take their place. The count of people always remained at 12. Knowing that Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day was 12/12, it didn’t seem like a coincidence at all.

So, I had to leave, but mentioned the consistent ’12’ dynamic to the pro-life organizer of the prayer event. Anyway, I mentioned to her that if I left it would throw things off. About 10 minutes later, she came up to me and said, ‘You can leave now, another person is here!’ 

Fast forward to a recent pro-life protest… This one was outside a Planned Parenthood after the selling of baby body parts was exposed. I took a large poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe with me to the protest. Although there were a lot more than 12 people in attendance, I couldn’t help but recall the last event where the number 12 and Our Lady of Guadalupe seemed so intertwined.

After the protest, I started walking toward my car. I honestly was sort of surprised there were no 12’s involved. Then I heard a voice say, ’12, 12! That’s me!’ I looked around and saw a man in a truck passing by. He slowed down enough to tell me that December 12th was his birthday and he shared the date with Our Lady of Guadalupe.

So, there was my heavenly wink, I thought…

So, back to election night… My prayers for her intercession went up about 8:30pm, as many others stormed heaven with prayer at that same hour.

So, here’s the interesting hour by hour ‘chance of winning’ graph put out by the New York Times –


So, as prayers were increased that night (after 8:30), you can see the graph change and form a cross at 9:30pm.

I’m unsure about common core math, but last time I checked, 9+3=12.