Did democrats get a message from above?

It has been said that God communicates with us very often through everyday events.

That said, one can’t help but wonder if the democrat party has pondered the events of this past week.

Tuesday – A pro-life democrat won a congressional race in Pennsylvania. His name is LAMB, which is interesting since we are in the season of repentance – Lent.

3 days later, one of the most pro-abortion congresswomen, representing New York, died. Her last name is SLAUGHTER. 

Seems like a heavenly nudge in the direction of ‘life’ to me.

Now we hear that NY governor Andrew Cuomo is apparently trying to do his best to mimic Josef Mengele with his latest demands to expand abortion to unimaginable proportions.


Will the USCCB FINALLY excommunicate him? IMHO, considering his gravely evil support of such savagery, a PUBLIC decision is long overdue.

Please pray for all…


No time like the present – France should repent for its genocide of the Vendee

Of course, we are all praying for France as they face a very predictable jihad due to muslim immigration throughout the years.

In my search for a related topic, I came across some horrific acts committed by the French against the Vendee. France is STILL in denial over atrocities committed in this case, and in my humble opinion, there is no time like the present to REPENT and own up to the savage and merciless murders of their countrymen.

I can assure you – prayers are more powerful when a person, or nation, is in a state of confessed repentance –